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DrsavelleIf you own a bike, have ever owned a bike, or have just ridden on the back of one,  you know the thrill of the open road, the scenery, the excitement of the ride, the destination, and the memories that you've made on a motorcycle.  Well, with the joy of the memories that you have, what better way to make new ones and to take that same passion for motorcycles and do something for God with it, than with a group of Christian brothers and sisters on the open road.  Living your life being a part of something for God that you can have fun at-- on tours, rides, at charity events, sharing your faith to strangers, and fellowshipping over barbeque or a craw fish boil---as they like to do in Louisiana.  Each one of us can guarantee you, that riding for the Lord will be the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE! 

If you've ever had the opportunity to ride on a tour with the Chariots of Light, you know that the Founder, Dr. Jerry Savelle has a passion for God, a passion for Souls, and a passion for Motorcycles.  Through his teaching and example, Dr. Savelle has imparted and instructed that same passion into each member of the Chariots of Light Christian Biker Club.  The leaders and members of each area have then taken that passion into the bi-ways and hi-ways of the American road and imparted the love of Christ with a kind heart towards the needy, a strong arm to the weak, and the hand of the Lord to the lost.

Chariot members each have the same passion for God, Souls, and Motorcycles, that Dr. Savelle imparted to the ministry. 

Chariots Of Light TourMany of the Leaders serve in full-time ministry and all serve in ministry, not only in Chariot of Light, but also within their local church body.  Our members come from many different walks of life, some are hard core bikers, some are business men and office workers, some are laborers, and some are just the good ole' boy or girl at the end of the street....but we all share the same passion and ride for the same reason...for God.  And we have fun doing what we love!  If you would like to attend a meeting, please contact us by email for information on the most recent meeting coming up. We are also looking to expand Chariots of Light in the Arkansas Chapter.  If there is not already an established area near you, but you are interested in one being in your area, please contact President, Wade Barker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will be glad to discuss the details of Chariots of Light becoming established in your area.

The Chariots of Light Christian Biker Club is an evangelistic outreach of Jerry Savelle Ministries International, located in Crowley, Texas. To visit Dr. Savelle's main Chariots of Light web page you can click here

If you are a biker, a Pastor, or a bike collector and would like more information about the Arkansas Chapter of Chariots of Light, send an email message directly to AR President, Wade Barker, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to one of the leaders on the Areas page that is nearest you.  Either way,  you choose, we will be glad to visit with you, invite you to a meeting and get to know each other.

Be A Part!

Some of the things that you can be a part of by being involved with the Club of Chariots of Light are:

  • Monthly bible study meetings
  • Monthly rides along with the Bikers (Cars follow along behind the motorcycles - unless it is just a car tour)
  • National Tours with Dr. Savelle, National Directors, Bill & Ginger Horn, and many of the Presidents & Leaders, and COL Club Members People with like Christian Faith to ride with and fellowship with that have the same passion for God, family, and cars as you do
  • Outreach Booths at your local community events and at Car shows and Bike and Car Rallies Charity Rides Group day rides on some pretty nice roads Some group over night rides to specific destinations

These are just some of the things that you can look forward to doing with your local Chariots of Light Christian brothers and sisters. Each individual area has their own make up of outreach activities, rides, and meetings that they have and participate in monthly. So each month or season each area in the South Central Chapter is involved in something different rides, meetings, and events.


  • An opportunity for you to make a difference
  • Do what you love to do
  • Live the life of freedom that we have in Christ
  • Enjoy the fellowship of Christians committed to the Lord and to one another
  • Have fun helping others to enjoy the ride of their lives as we invade every man’s world, bringing the message of victory with the faith that overcomes every adversity! 

ozark tour db 2008

Chariots Of Light Vision

  • MOTIVATE: To bring together bikers with a “passion for God and a passion for souls".
  • EVANGELIZE: To provide a platform for evangelism.
  • DISCIPLE: To provide a means of fellowship among COL members of “like precious faith”.
  • REACH OUT: To empower those called to biker and car ministry to reach out to their community.