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Chariots Of Light Outreach

Chariots Of Light OutreachAs Chariots of Light we are committed to reaching out to our communities, reaching and going beyond to help someone in need, extending love and surpassing normal expectations of today's society to share the gospel of Jesus with the lost.

Praise God!

COL is actively believing God for more souls! Keep our Chapter in your prayers for the Harvest of Souls.

Chariots of Light members can be seen throughout the year sharing the Salvation message of Jesus with people in many different ways.  Including volunteering at community events, charity rides, tours, Biker Sunday services, prison runs, food pantries, Christmas toy runs, etc.  There are many different ways and areas that Chariots of Light members have volunteered their time to Outreach to the people in their local communities and surrounding areas. 

One of the ways that Chariot members are able to have a big impact on sharing the Gospel is at motorcycle rallies and car shows.  Outreaching at motorcycle rallies and car shows takes a lot of preparation time by many dedicated COL members.  There is a lot of prayer time involved in the preparation as well.  We have several videos below that you can view to see what it is like to set up an outreach booth and to also serve at one.

If you are a Chariot member and would like to soul win at a National COL Outreach Booth please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let him know which event you would like to volunteer at.  You can view the rallies that the National COL Outreach Teams are making plans to attend at the main COL website

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Word for COL

A Word from The Holy Spirit
Dr. Jerry SavelleDr. Jerry Savelle

More and more this new year will bring; For the God of glory is doing a new thing; Favor will manifest as never before; And every door that’s been shut; Will be shut no more.

Blessings will flow like the falling rain; And nothing about your life will remain the same; A year of My Goodness, you’ll surely see; And breakthrough after breakthrough; That’s how it shall be.

So position yourself now so it will happen for you; By taking hold of His Word and declaring it’s true.

Refuse to let go and don’t ever give in; For the best year of your life is about to begin; More favor, more goodness, and more blessings too;

That’s what 2013 has in store for you!